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Prakash RP: On The Definition of Communism

Prakash RP: On The Definition of Communism I think I got the broader goals of what communism is supposed to be now. That there should be no profits, that a country is a community, which is where Communist comes from. … Continue reading

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Grit-TV: The Laura Flanders Show: Richard Woolf’s Cure For Capitalism

Not to put this simplistically but to sum up Marxist-economist Richard Wolff. And I do not say that to be insulting but to be descriptive but what he’s basically talking about is replacing the. Private-enterprise and I say private-enterprise and … Continue reading

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Grit-TV: Richard Woolf’s Cure For Capitalism

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeStates What would be the alternative to capitalism in other words private enterprise. A lot of people tend to say socialism, but the problem with that argument is that there’s a socialist version … Continue reading

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