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AlterNet: Opinion- David Bromwich- What Became of the Leader That Many Wanted Barack Obama to be

  Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat Whatever happened to that socialist whom so many Americans on the far left supported and organized for and hoped they were getting when they went to work for then U.S. … Continue reading

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RT: Video: The Big Picture: Conversations With Great Minds: Lee Fang: A Field Guide to the Resurgent Right

Conversations w/Great Minds – Lee Fang, The Machine: A Field Guide to the Resurgent Right P2 – YouTube. When you listen to the video in this blog, all I suggest that you do is consider whose doing the interview and … Continue reading

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Toledo Blade: President FDR Fireside Chat. 2nd Bill of Rights, 1/11/1944: The Progressive Bill of Rights

I’ve been wanting to write a blog for a while now on what is the Progressive notion of freedom. At least from a perspective of a non Progressive or at least as someone who doesn’t fit the popular. Definition of … Continue reading

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The North Star: Healthcare: Luke Eilliot: The New-Left and The Ballot Box: How Progressives can Get Their Policies Into Law

The US Left and the Ballot Box. I blogged about a month ago I guess that the best way for Progressive/Socialists or Social-Democrats to get their policies into law. Every time they want some new government program or law passed … Continue reading

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Intelligence Squared Debates: The Two-Party System is Making America Ungovernable

Source: Intelligence Squared Debates: The Two-Party System is Making America Ungovernable I read a blog tonight on the socialist blog called The North Star which is also on WordPress and easy to find. About the United States two-party system and that … Continue reading

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FRSFreeStates: “How the Right-Wing Brain Works and What That Means for Progressives”: The Differences between Conservatives, Liberals and Progressives

How the Right-Wing Brain Works and What That Means for Progressives | | AlterNet. If your not a Political Junky such as myself but your a voter. Who votes on a regular basis and follows the news. And are informed … Continue reading

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