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The Nation: Opinion- Mike Konczal & Bryce Covert- “The Real Solution to Wealth Inequality”: How About a Better Approach Instead

Out of the Closet Socialist This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat Before I explain why I disagree with the wealth redistribution argument when it comes to the income and wealth gaps in America. I’m first going to … Continue reading

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Democracy Journal: Opinion: Mike Konczal: “The Voluntarism Society Myth”: The Advantages of a Public/Private Social Insurance System

Private Charity Democracy Journal: Opinion: Mike Konczal: The Voluntarism Fantasy I was waiting to read from Mike Konczal in his piece some call for nationalizing private charity and completely nationalizing private charity all together and giving the Federal Government complete … Continue reading

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Next New Deal: Mike Konczal- “Given The Myth of Ownership, is the Idea of Redistribution Coherent?

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat We need to get past the idea of whether or not wealth redistribution is a good or bad thing. And just define it instead and layout exactly what wealth redistribution is. … Continue reading

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