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Public Domain Footage: Robert F. Kennedy- Speech at Columbia University in 1964

Source: The New Democrat Robert F. Kennedy, running for U.S. Senate in 1964 and not to replace one of his brothers in Massachusetts, but to run for Senate in New York. A great opportunity for Bobby Kennedy as well in 1964. … Continue reading

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Helmer Reenberg: Senator Edward Kennedy Interview- From 1964

  Source:The New Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy talking about the optimism of his older brother President John Kennedy. President Kennedy’s ability to inspire people and make them believe they can do things that they didn’t think they could do before. … Continue reading

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LBJ Library: Video: President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society Speech at the University of Michigan, 5/22/1964

Whatever you think of President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society speech whether you love it or hate it, or like it, or dislike it, this is one of the best and most important speeches in American history. Because it laid out … Continue reading

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David Von Pein: Jack Paar Show: Robert F. Kennedy- March 13th, 1964

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, a few months after his brother President John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Goes on NBC’s the Jack Parr Show. I guess he wanted to … Continue reading

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