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Democratic Socialists USA: Myths About Democratic Socialism

Source: The New Democrat With this piece, I’m going to layout as someone who is not a Socialist in any form, even in what I at least would view as the best form of a Socialist which are Socialist Liberals, … Continue reading

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GataBella: Ava Gardner’s Private Moments

Source: This piece was originally posted at The Daily Review I think what I love and respect most about Ava Gardner is not her beauty, (not many prettier) not her adorableness, (not many women cuter) not her sex appeal even … Continue reading

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The New York Times: Room For Debate- Andrew P. Kelly: The Problem Is That Free College Isn’t Free

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat I believe the main problem with many of these political debates has to do with language and how things are described. Whether it’s called free health care, free health insurance, … Continue reading

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