Classic MLB 11-PASS Sports: MLB 1992-6/11-Baltimore Orioles @ Detroit Tigers: Full Game

Detroit Tiger Stadium
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat Plus

I think this Orioles-Tigers games is a classic game, because 1992 was a very important year for both the Orioles and Tigers. The Orioles emerged again as AL East contenders, but the Tigers took a step back, as the Orioles, Milwaukee Brewers emerged in the American League. And even the Cleveland Indians started to finally improve and even to paraphrase Harry Doyle in the movie Major League, the Indians threatened to climb out of the cellar. Meaning last place in the division. So this Tigers series was important for the Orioles, because the Tigers one of the teams that were basically hammering the Orioles at least since the late 1980s. And the Orioles had something to prove here. Were they good enough to beat a traditional contender in the AL East. And they certainly were in 1992.
Classic MLB 11-PASS Sports: MLB 1992-06-11- Baltimore Orioles @ Detroit Tigers: Full Game

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