South Carolina Gamecocks: South Carolina Gamecocks vs Georgia Bulldogs Football Highlights: Bulldogs Win 41-30

Georgia vs SC

Source: FRS FreeStates Plus– GA vs. SC 

Source: FRS Daily Journal Plus

A big much-needed win for the Bulldogs. The Dogs losing their first game and then having to come back to play one of their major rivals in the South Carolina Gamecocks in week 2. Not only that, but they’re both in the SEC and both in the SEC East.

The SEC is the last conference in major college football where you want to start off 0-2. Especially with one of those losses being at home and being against the SEC. Especially if you think you have a real shot at playing for not only the SEC Championship, but the BCS Championship. So what the Dogs basically did here was to save their season as far as having a great year. And avoid looking at 0-2 with another tough opponent coming up next week and looking at a potential 0-3 start.
South Carolina Gamecocks: Highlights- South Carolina @ Georgia Bulldogs- 2013

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