▶Bernie Sanders: Video: Floor Speech on Community Health Centers: Expanding Affordable Healthcare in America

Local Healthcare

Local Healthcare

▶ Floor Speech on Community Health Centers – YouTube.

During the stimulus debate from 2009 in Congress that eventually became the American Recovery Act. President Obama’s signature economic policy and accomplishment at least so far. Senator Bernie Sanders and Independent-Socialist from Vermont got an amendment to that bill. That would expand community health centers or clinics in underserved. Areas in rural or urban areas that do not have local hospitals or where the people are located in places where the. People have to travel long distances in order to get healthcare even to go to an emergency room. Senator Sanders later got this amendment attached in the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Now I admit I agree with Bernie Sanders a Democratic-Socialist about as often as elephants fly to. The moon but there are times where he has ideas that make a lot of sense to me and this is one. And it got me to thinking as Congress was debating healthcare reform in 2009-10. When I was writing my own plan as a blogger because I knew I probably wouldn’t completely like the final. Version of what became the Affordable Care Act, that I would include my plan for a national system of community health centers in my healthcare reform plan.

One beauty of a national system of community health centers especially as part of the Affordable Care Act or working with it. Especially in these tough economic and budget times is that CHC’s would be paid for and how. By the patients who use them, why because under the ACA most Americans have to have health insurance. We are all going to have to pay for our own healthcare so what CHC’s would need in the start is startup capital. Money to get them started just like any new business and these centers or an organization that were to run. These centers could get that money from the Small Business Administration that they would pay back and they would be off running. And we could create a national system of health clinics and hospitals that would be targeted in underserved areas. Where people have to travel far and lose time and money from their job in order to make these trips. In rural an inner-city America and these clinics could run themselves and pay for themselves. But we would need a law to get them started up so all of our underserved areas get the affordable and accessible. Healthcare that we all need to live well.

We could do a couple of things with an approach like this. Create a United Health Service that it could be called not to replace the private healthcare system. But to be part of the healthcare system, so I wouldn’t create the American version of the U.K NHS. But I would create an organization that would be started by the Feds. But run independently with its own management and allow for the state to set up their own version of a UHS. Or even privatize the whole service but keep it non-profit. So all Americans have access to affordable quality healthcare as well as health insurance.

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