▶ HBO: Video: The Weight of a Nation: Obesity and Type Two Diabetes: Controlling Our Healthcare Costs Through Personal Responsibility

American Healthcare

American Healthcare

▶ Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes (HBO: The Weight of the Nation) – YouTube.

One of the biggest problems with the American healthcare system which is the bad news. Has to do with our personal behavior or the lack of it as far as how we take care of ourselves. We do not do a very good job of taking care of ourselves. The two fastest growing diseases in America are both preventable diseases. Diabetes and obesity and another problem is that they are both linked. If you are obese you are at great risk of developing diabetes along with other diseases. And other health issues like heart attacks, liver failure, heart disease and others. The good news about these two diseases is that they are both preventable. People do not have to get them especially if they are not linked in their family. Lost a biological relative to one of those diseases. Because diabetes and obesity are both linked to personal behavior. If you simply take care of yourself, you have a very good chance of not getting those diseases. Taking care of yourself has to do with good diet, exercise and healthcare. Regular checkups and getting the healthcare that you need before you have health problems.

Another problem with our healthcare system has to do with uncompensated healthcare. People who are uninsured getting essentially free healthcare at the costs of people who have. Health insurance so the people who made the right decision to get their healthcare covered. Not only have to pay for their healthcare but also get stuck paying for others healthcare as well. And this is also linked to the lack of personal responsibility in our healthcare system. People not taking care of themselves and do not have the resources to pay for their bad choices in. Life but need the healthcare anyway to deal with those bad personal choices. Get that healthcare at the costs of people who have health insurance at the emergency room. But again there’s also good news that we can solve both problems through personal responsibility. One requiring all Americans to obtain health insurance or a Health Savings Account, their choice. So we are all paying for our own healthcare but the other would be to require people who choose to live unhealthy. To pay upfront for their personal choices.

So one of the things I would do with healthcare reform in America. Is require all Americans to take personal responsibility over their own healthcare and lives. People who choose to live well with quality diet and exercise would be rewarded for those good decisions. With lower healthcare costs and not get stuck paying for the healthcare of people who’ve chosen. To live unhealthy who instead would pick up the costs of their bad decisions up front. Through higher health insurance premiums and being taxed for their poor diet. But heavily taxing junk food, soft drinks, alcohol and tobacco and transferring that revenue over to. Our healthcare professionals and hospitals and eliminate uncompensated healthcare in America. Not requiring people to live well and put in prohibition on unhealthy products in America. Trying to protect people from themselves and creating a nanny-state. But requiring people to pay for the costs of their personal decisions for good and bad.

A simple old fashion thing like personal responsibility which might sound corny today. But would go a long way in controlling our massive healthcare costs. Requiring all Americans to pay for their own healthcare for good and bad. And no longer allowing people to force others to pick up their healthcare costs from their bad personal choices. Along with regulating well the health insurance industry and creating more personal choice in our health insurance system. Would go a long way in bringing down our healthcare costs so we are competitive with the rest of the developed world.

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