PBS: NewsHour Documentary: Why Does U.S. Health Care Cost So Much?: An Overview of The American Healthcare System



This will be a several part series of the American healthcare system starting with an overview with it. And then getting into how I would reform the entire system from healthcare itself to health insurance. And the type of healthcare system I believe the United States should have.

What works about the American healthcare system is the healthcare itself and how we provide it. We have great healthcare professionals and hospitals everywhere. As well as great medical schools and great research institutions and great universities.

But where we come up short with the rest of the developed world is how we finance our healthcare system. With by in large the healthcare that you receive in America unless it is an emergency is based on what you can. Afford and not what you need in order to be healthy. But that is just part of the problem that comes with our healthcare system and how we finance it. Other problems would be as far as the amount of uncompensated healthcare that we have in America. Where everyone in the country is entitled to healthcare if it an emergency whether they can afford it or not.

But for people who do not have health insurance and do not even have an emergency. But need healthcare and can’t afford to pay for it are able to get their healthcare for free. At the costs of everyone who has health insurance which drives up our healthcare costs for everyone. Essentially by getting it at an emergency room. So what we need in the future is the same type of quality of healthcare but make that even. Better and make it affordable and available to everyone.

Another problem with the costs of our healthcare system have to do with another way that we finance it. By paying for our healthcare based on how much we provide the quantity of our healthcare. Which is a big problem with our public or government-funded health insurers Like Medicare and Medicaid to use as example. Instead of paying our hospitals and healthcare professionals based on the quality of healthcare that they provide. In other words paying for the services that you receive based on the quality of those services and not based on. How much of those services that you receive.

And another issue with the costs of our healthcare system has to do with personal responsibility or the lack of it in our. Healthcare system where we as a country quite frankly do not do a very good job of taking care of. Ourselves and as a result our healthcare costs keep going up because of how unhealthy we are as a country. And the healthcare that we need to pay for our bad choices in life. So going forward the way I would like to reform the healthcare system if I could do it my way. Or at least get a lot of my reforms passed, would be to build on what we do well. But make it affordable to everyone where we all pay for our own healthcare.

With the safety-net when it comes to health insurance available for those people. But even reform those health insurance programs so they are affordable as well. But where healthcare is available and affordable to everyone meaning universal healthcare coverage. Or UHC but where we bring our healthcare costs down to a level that is competitive with the rest of the developed world.

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