RT America: Texas Senator Wendy Davis Stops Anti-Abortion bill With 13-Hour Filibuster: Speaking up For The Right to Choose

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis
Source: RT America: Texas State Senator Stops Anti-Abortion Bill With 13-Hour Filibuster

If you were able to stay awake along enough to read my posts about how to reform the U.S. Senate, you know I’m not against the filibuster in the sense I would limit the minority Democratic or Republican, with the ability to make their case and offer their own alternatives to bills offered by the majority. I would replace the U.S. Senate filibuster with something else that would still require the majority to come up with sixty votes. To pass their partisan legislation.

So it’s not as if I want to shut off Republican minorities. While always protecting Democratic minorities. So I’m not here saying that I’m in favor of the filibuster when it’s used against things I’m against. Whether its Senator Rand Paul filibustering against the War on Terror back in March. Something I agree with Senator Paul on or when Texas State Senator Wendy Davis filibustered the Texas anti-abortion law.

It’s not as if I’m for the filibuster when it’s used by Senators I agree with, but I’m against it when the filibuster is used to defeat legislation that I’m in favor of. Like with U.S. Senate Republicans led by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell defeating a lot of legislation from Senate Democrats with the filibuster. I do not have any contradictions here. I’m not against the filibuster as long as it’s a real filibuster.

As far as what states do even though I would reform it in the U.S. Senate and what we saw with Senator Davis last night was a real filibuster similar to Senator Paul back in March. She held the floor the whole time and perhaps yield it to her colleagues who agreed with her. But it wasn’t one of those things that we saw in previous Congress’s when Leader Harry Reid would move to bring up a bill and Senate Republicans would block him with forty-one votes. Rather than talking the Leader’s motion to death.

What we saw with Senator Davis last night was a speech against big government from a Democrat. In a state like Texas where big government is supposed to be unpopular. And what she was doing in a real filibuster was standing up for women’s rights to make their own healthcare. Decisions rather than government attempting to do that for them and I congratulate her on a job well-done. And if Texas Senate Republicans bring that bill up again, I hope other Texas Democratic Senators will join her and hopefully Republicans as well to defeat those bills.

My position of abortion is the same as all other personal choice and personal freedom issues. It’s for the individual to decide on their own and then hold them accountable for their decision. So if you want an abortion, you have to find a doctor whose qualified to perform the abortion and will do it for you. As well as the funds to pay for it. Either through your insurance or out of your own pocket. But this is not something that taxpayers should be forced to finance except in case of the life or health of the mother. Because we’re talking about ending potential life. And that should only be done in extreme circumstances.

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