Huffington Post: Opinion- Robert Kuttner- Thinking About the Government: The Real Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives

Center Left vs Center Right

Center Left vs Center Right

The Huffington Post: Opinion- Robert Kuttner- Thinking About the Government.

If you want to know what the real difference between real Liberals such as myself the real thing. A real Liberal not someone who would be called a Socialist or Social-Democrat in any other developed country in the West. But an actual Liberal and a real Barry Goldwater get big government out of my wallet and bedroom Conservative. The real difference is about the role of government, we both believe in government and both believe that there is a role for. Government in a Liberal Democracy that’s not an Anarchy and we both even believe in limited government. We just differ on what government should be doing but we both agree on what the number one role of. Government that it’s there to protect our freedom, protect us from people who would harm us. Not try to protect us from ourselves which is different. Another thing that Liberals and Conservatives have in common is that we aren’t Paternalists and believe adults can and should. Make their own decisions with their lives and not again government trying to protect us from ourselves. Because again we aren’t Paternalists which is one thing that makes us the Center-Left and Center-Right in America and not the Far-Left and Far-Right.

The real difference when it comes to the role of government in America between Liberals and Conservatives. Has to do with freedom and opportunity, how best to obtain those things. Liberals believe that government has a role to see that all Americans have access to the opportunities that people need to be successful in life. On their own and not government trying to take care of all of us so the people have to do as little for themselves as. Possible but that we all have access to a good education and that job-training and a safety-net is there for people who need it. Who lack certain skills that they need to be successful in life so they can take care of themselves and not have to live off of public-assistance. Indefinitely which is what separates Liberals from let’s say Socialists who believe that we would all be better off. If people didn’t have to do so much for themselves and have so much responsibility that government would be more efficient. In providing us with the services at our expense that people need to live well in life.

Conservatives are obviously different or this wouldn’t be much of a debate and wouldn’t be interesting and worth talking and blogging about. Conservatives essentially believe that government should get out-of-the-way and not try to run our lives. Both from and economic as well as personal point of view. That the less government does especially at the Federal level. The more freedom that individuals have. But Conservatives tend to differ when it comes to the public safety net. You have the Newt Gingrich’s of the world who have basically accepted the safety net as part of American life. But that as long as it’s here that anyone whose not retired and physically and mentally able to work. Should be doing those things as long as they are collecting public assistance. To paraphrase Speaker Gingrich that the amount of time that Americans can spend on Unemployment Insurance. They can get an associate degree at a community college and that government should be encouraging if not requiring people on. Public-assistance to get the job-training that they need to get a good job and get off of public assistance.

There also Conservatives and I’m friends with several of them on Facebook who want to blow up the public safety net. And say things like why should I be forced to pay someone not to work. And take more of an economic-Libertarian rather than Conservative view on these issues. But these are the main differences as well as a few as it relates to foreign-policy. But Liberal vs Conservative in America is not Socialist vs Libertarian. Or big government vs small government but that both sides believe in limited government. But we disagree on how limited it should be.

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