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Juan Traverus: 1979 Jordache Denim Jeans Commercial

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal Plus I just want to say thank God I was born in 1975 and I’m old enough to remember the tight dark wash denim designer jeans revolution of the late 1970s, … Continue reading

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NFL Films: NFL 1968-Super Bowl 3-Baltimore Colts vs. New York Jets: Fourth Quarter

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal Plus With all due respect to the 1968 New York Jets, Super Bowl 3 is a much different game had Colts QB John Unitas who was still the best QB in … Continue reading

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New York Times: Opinionator- Thomas B. Edsall- Why Can’t America Be Sweden?: Why America Isn’t a Social-Democracy

The New York Times: Opinionator- Why America Can’t be Like Sweden. So-called Progressives in America seem to have this cookie-cutter approach to economics. That what works in other countries would work in America as well. That even though the United … Continue reading

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On The Economy: Jared Bernstein: Kids, Poverty, Safety Net, Recession Over at TAP: How to Create a Permanent Middle Class

Kids, Poverty, Safety Net, Recession…Over at TAP | Jared Bernstein | On the Economy. I’m all for the safety-net to be there for people who need it like in an economic downturn. Like a recession to use as an example … Continue reading

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Campaign For America’s Future: Dave Johnson: Another Bridge Falls: Fixing Infrastructure Fixes Jobs And Deficits: How to Put Americans to Work and in Freedom

Another Bridge Falls — Fixing Infrastructure Fixes Jobs And Deficits. If you want to see the ultimate in what are called public-private partnerships something that todays Progressives tend not to like. Even though they tend to be in favor of … Continue reading

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The Nation: Bhaskar Sunkara- Beyond the Welfare State

Source: The Nation: Bhaskar Sunkara- Beyond The Welfare State I think beyond the welfare state, is the perfect title of this piece because that’s exactly what this is about. I would like to move past the welfare state and actually not … Continue reading

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RT: Barack Obama- A Socialist in Disguise?

Source: RT: Barack Obama- A Socialist in Disguise? I agree Barack Obama may be the worst Socialist ever for the simple reason he’s not a Socialist. And the same thing could be said about George W. Bush being the worst Conservative … Continue reading

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The WRX-NFX: Facade, Freedom vs Progressivism: The Progressive Notion of Freedom

I’ve been wanting to write a blog about the Progressive notion of freedom and what Progressives believe in when it comes to freedom. And how much individual-freedom if any they believe the people should have and I’m leaning towards Progressives … Continue reading

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Mitch 19872: Chicago 1968- The Democratic Convention

Source: Mitch 19872: 1968 Democratic Convention 1968 is when the Democratic Party changed and no longer became a Northeastern progressive party with a Southern coalition. Made up of people who basically make up the Religious-Right and Neoconservative wing of the Republican … Continue reading

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Joey Teefizz-Sockers TV: MISL 1983-11/05/82-San Diego Sockers @ St. Louis Steamers: Highlights

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal Plus Two of the best franchises in the history of the Major Indoor Soccer League and pro arena soccer in general regardless of which league you want to talk about. And there … Continue reading

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