WGBH-AM Forum: Video: Rabbi Michael Lerner: Left Hand of God: Responding to the Religious Right: The Religious Left in America



Rabbi Michael Lerner – Left Hand of God: Responding to the Religious Right – YouTube.

I believe this as a fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans perhaps as much as sixty percent of the country are on the forty yard lines politically. Not all Centrists but somewhere between the Center-Left or Center-Right, somewhere between Liberal and Conservative to put it. Plainly and are not fans of the Far-Right and Far-Left and do not like extremism from the Left or Right. Not fans of Statism and the nanny-state from the Left or Right which is why they are not fans of the. Religious-right in America that want to impose their religious views on America as a whole through law or the. Atheist-left which is more like the Atheist Far-Left and religious Far-Right in America. The Atheist-Left in America that would like to impose their secular views on the whole country through. Law and who its not good enough for them that they have a constitutional-right to be Atheists in America. But they would like to impose their Atheism on the country as a whole and if they could would impose Atheism on the whole country by outlawing religion in America.

So when I hear religious-Leftists and yes there is such a thing, Dr. Martin L. King a perfect example of that. Say we are religious to and are not looking to impose our religious views on the whole country and if anything are just as. Progressive or Socialist as the Atheist-Left in America, its refreshing to for me to hear a Progressive say. The religious-right in America does not own a monopoly on religion in America and they do not even own a monopoly on Christianity in America. And we are not on the Right politically either and have clear Progressive or Social-Democratic views. On politics and we are hear to fight back against the bigots on the religious-right that want to impose their form of Theocracy on America. And we are going to fight for our own Progressive causes because our religion whatever it may be tells us. That we should fight for the underdog in America and make this country as great as it can be.

What you hear in this video is a leader of the religious-left in America a Progressive Rabbi in Michael Lerner. Helping me to make my case rather then some whacked out Atheist-Socialist repeating a lot of garbage that tends to come from Leftist magazines like AlterNet and Salon. That points out the Christians in America who are furthest to the Right as possible and trying to paint all. Christians as bigots so to me anyway watching this video is refreshing.

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