The North Star: Healthcare: Luke Eilliot: The New-Left and The Ballot Box: How Progressives can Get Their Policies Into Law

Big Brother

Big Brother

The US Left and the Ballot Box.

I blogged about a month ago I guess that the best way for Progressive/Socialists or Social-Democrats to get their policies into law. Every time they want some new government program or law passed is to look at what I call the Socialist State of Vermont. Which is probably the most Socialist state in the union just like New Hampshire is probably the most Libertarian state in the union or. Maryland my home state is probably the most Liberal state in the union, why we are called the Free State. Or why not to pick on South Carolina but they are probably the most Theocratic state in the union. The capital of the Bible Belt or religious-right in America. But what makes Vermont different from other Progressive states like Massachusetts to use as an example. Is that are all also a Federalist-state and have combined their brand of Socialism with also their brand of Federalism and that neither one contradicts the other as long as you believe in both.

What Progressives in America should do if they are really serious about getting their policies into law. And getting all of their taxes and programs into law. Instead of running to the Federal Government every time they have a new idea or want to see some new social program into law. Is to look at Vermont which has taken a Federalist approach and go state by state instead of going to the White House or Congress. Federalism is not about Rightist or Leftist government but its about good government and that the best government. Is the government thats closest to the home and instead of allowing the Right to own Federalism. What Vermont is doing is saying that we believe in Federalism as well but we are also Socialists and what we are going to do is use Federalism to pass. Our Socialist policies at the state level which is the lesson for Social-Democrats across America instead of blaming Uncle Sam every time he doesn’t have the votes to pass your policies.

What Vermont is doing with their single-payer health insurance program for all is saying. That we do not need big government or big brother from the Federal level telling us what programs we should be running or paying for. And how to spend our money that we can make these decisions for ourselves.

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