FRSFreeStates: “The Death of Affirmative Action”: A New Birth for Civil Rights and Public Education


Reverse Racism

The Death of Affirmative Action | | AlterNet.

As a Liberal I not only take Martin L. King’s I have a Dream vision seriously. But I practice it personally, I don’t judge anyone by the color of their skin.  But by the content of their character and I don’t believe I’m better or worse then anyone because of my race. I don’t put anyone down because of their race or view anyone higher because of their race. If Racial Jokes made about minorities are Racists. Then Racial Jokes about majorities are racist. Not everyone on the Left believes that, especially the Far Left. Agrees with that, that apparently has no or not much problems cracking Racial Jokes. About Caucasians but when they are made about minorities. Especially by Caucasians, they are seen as racist. That just comes from living in a Politically Correct culture.

So the idea that people can benefit from their race at the expense of someone else’s race. Because of their race and the other person’s race. Even if it is to benefit minorities that have been left behind. Goes against everything I believe as a Liberal. Even if its done with good intentions, because your doing these good deeds. At the expense of someone who hasn’t hurt anyone. And even though your doing to help people, your hurting others by doing it. Thats something I couldn’t support or will ever be able to support. If its racist to put down one group of people because of their race. Or deny one group of people because of their race. Then its racist to deny anyone or put down anyone because of their race.

Racism is about hate, feeling superior over someone because of your race and there’s. And denying people something, whoever they are because of their race. Which is why Affirmative Action is Unconstitutional. And hopefully about to get tossed out. We need to get past the days of Affirmative Action and move to a system of. Of Public Education and Civil Rights, where everyone thats qualified. No matter what their families income level is. Will be able to get into Higher Education and have good access to a quality education. Before they are ready for Higher Education, again no matter the income level of their family. And we can do this with quality Universal Education. And strong enforcement of our Civil Rights Laws.

Racism whether its forward or in reverse, is still racism. People have the Constitutional Right to believe whatever they want to in America. But don’t have the right to deny people access, because of their race. Thats illegal and should be enforced strongly and equally across the board.

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