FRSFreeStates: The Single-Payer Plan Reborn: The Death of the Individual Mandate would bring back Single Payer


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The single-payer plan reborn.

For the United States to have a strong economy long term. We have to have and affordable Healthcare System. That costs around 10-12% of GDP, if not lower. Where we are in the same ballpark as our competitors around the World. And expanding Health Insurance or Health Coverage. A package of Health Insurance, Health Savings Accounts and Out of Pocket Payments. Is a big step in accomplishing that, so we have everyone who can afford to, paying for their Healthcare Costs. And we have healthy people in the Health Payment System, which would bring down the costs for everyone. Thats the whole point of the Individual Mandate in Healthcare and why Conservatives offered the idea twenty years ago. Its a Conservative idea.

So if the Individual Mandate goes down and is ruled Unconstitutional. And if you followed the Supreme Court case today and understood what you heard. You know thats a real possibility. Then that would open the door for Single Payer Medicare for all Health Insurance. Leaving Americans without any choice in how they pay for their Healthcare. Which would be one way to bring down our Healthcare Costs. Because we would all be paying for our Healthcare. Its not the way I would choose, I prefer the French Public/Private Model. Which has lower Healthcare Costs then both Canada and Britain, both Single Payer countries. But without and Individual Mandate, it leaves us without many if any options. In how we bring down our Healthcare Costs.

If the Individual Mandate goes down, Single Payer supporters. Can say look see, we don’t have any choice now. We can’t have an Individual Mandate but we can tax our way to lower Healthcare Costs. By forcing everyone on Medicare, which opponents of the Individual Mandate. Seriously need to think about if they win this decision.

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