FRSFreeStates: “Chairman Paul Ryan Gets 62 Percent of His Huge Budget Cuts from Programs for Lower-Income Americans”: How to Reform the Safety Net Instead


Cut and Run

Chairman Ryan Gets 62 Percent of His Huge Budget Cuts from Programs for Lower-Income Americans — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

If Rep. Paul Ryan was serious about reforming the Safety Net. And making it more Cost Effective, which is something I want to do. Then its reasonable to say that he wouldn’t target his Budget Cuts. At programs that are designed to help Low Income people who can’t survive without them. But would instead reform these programs. And design them so they empower people who are on them. Whether they are working or unemployed or underemployed. To help these people get jobs or better jobs. So they no longer need these programs and instead are Self Sufficient. And are paying into these programs instead of collecting from them. But what Chairman Ryan did instead with his House Republican Budget plan. Was basically just to cut these programs, making the lives of the people who depend on them. Even more difficult, something they can’t afford.

The reason why the Cut and Run approach doesn’t work. When it comes to Safety Net programs, is even though you may save Tax Revenue on them in the short term. It cost you more money in the long term, because you leave these people. Who are still dependent on Public Assistance to cover their Living Expenses. No other options then to try to support themselves. And they become desperate and end up doing things, they wouldn’t otherwise of done. Had they had the resources to survive legally. And they become a big burden on society. Like ending up homeless or ending up in the Criminal Justice System. We saw this in the 1980s when people were kicked out of Mental Hospitals and Public Housing.

The way to save money on these programs, is to empower people who need them. To get themselves off of them, whether its Welfare or Unemployment Insurance or Public Housing. With things like education, Job Training and Job Placement. So they can get themselves good jobs and no longer need Public Assistance. Invest money up front to get a bigger return down the line. We saw that this works with Welfare Reform and its an approach. We should take with all of our Safety Net programs.

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