FRSFreeStates: “Progressive Caucus Releases Sane “Budget For All,”: What Big Government Progressivism looks like


Big Government Progressives

Progressive Caucus Releases Sane “Budget For All,” Asking 1% to Pay Their Fair Share | AlterNet.

Last year the Progressive Caucus released their Federal Budget plan. That had over 1T$ in Tax Hikes that would be used for new Federal Spending. Including Tax Hikes on everyone, not just the 1$ that they tend to target. To create new Federal Programs, that they say would create new jobs. Federal Government jobs, hiring Unemployed Workers. To work on Infrastructure Investment, doing work on Public Projects. I agree with them on almost nothing, except most Social Issues. Well I guess thats not almost nothing but we are very different on Economic and Foreign Policy. But I’ll give them credit, they are Progressives and believe in Progressivism. Using the Federal Government to make the lives of Americans better. Thats what Progressivism essentially is or its popular definition. Not credit for their ideology but their honesty about it.

This year the Progressive Caucus released their Federal Budget plan. But have actually moderated in one area. Instead of Tax Hikes on all Tax Payers that pay Income Taxes. Just on High Earners so perhaps they are learning that, demanding that Middle Class workers. That are struggling to pay just their current Tax bills. Is not good for the economy or good politics. But the Progressive Agenda is still the same when it comes to Economic Policy. Creating the 21st Century of the New Deal. And basing Economic and Job Growth on what the Federal Government can to do create jobs. By what it can invest in Federal Programs. The problem is they no longer have the votes in Congress. neither the House or Senate or a Presidential Candidate. That can deliver their agenda.

What you have in American Politics right now. Is the Progressive Caucus on the Far Left. Trying to see how much they can expand the Federal Government. And the Tea Party and parts of it on the Far Right. Seeing how much they can cut the Federal Government. The problem for Progressives is that they don’t have the votes or Leadership to deliver. What they want, with Liberal Democrats running the show. And trying to work out an agreement with the Republican Leadership. But what the Tea Party has, is the Republican Leadership.  They basically run the GOP right now and have Republicans scared that if they don’t give them what they want. They could face Primary Challengers.

The Progressive Budget is basically, this is what we would do. If we were in charge but we know we don’t have the votes. Its basically a Progressive Wish List and maybe it will get more then the forty or so votes it got in the House last year. But don’t count on it.

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