FRSFreeStates: Could the Supreme Court Find Medicaid and Medicare Unconstitutional?: Arguing Substance of Laws over Constitutionality

The Roberts Court

I have a hard time believing that even the John Roberts Supreme Court. Is going to rule that Medicaid and Medicare are Unconstitutional. There is the Welfare Clause in the US Constitution, that allows the Federal Government. To assist people who can’t take care of themselves, who lack the means to do that. Providing Health Insurance for people who otherwise can’t afford it, Clearly qualifies as helping people who can’t take care of themselves. So many times when people don’t like laws or programs. They take the argument that they are Unconstitutional, rather then arguing why they are bad laws or bad programs. Instead of taking them to Congress and trying to have them repealed. They take them to Court, the case against the Affordable Care Act. Is a perfect example of that and both sides of the isle are guilty of this. But people who don’t like the ACA, know they can’t get Congress to repeal the law. Because Democrats still control the Senate and we have a Democratic President.

There are plenty of reasons to argue against the ACA, without even getting to the Constitutionality of it. And the Medicaid Prevision is a perfect example of it. Forcing States to cover more people on Medicaid, a program that Uncle Sam has never fully funded its share of the costs. Even though its a program they created, forcing States that are already having to deal with high debt and deficits. Is an example of an Unfunded Mandate in the ACA. Because Medicaid is already an Unfunded Mandate and has always been. Thats the only argument that people who are against Medicaid. Should have to make about it, because they would win. And then work to fix that and get a better law. Instead of wasting time arguing whether Medicaid in Constitutional or now. Which is something thats already been decided.
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