FRSFreeStates: “How the Right-Wing Brain Works and What That Means for Progressives”: The Differences between Conservatives, Liberals and Progressives

How the Right-Wing Brain Works and What That Means for Progressives | | AlterNet.

If your not a Political Junky such as myself but your a voter. Who votes on a regular basis and follows the news. And are informed about the news but don’t watch a lot of politics. Or read a lot about politics, your not a blogger to use as an example. Such as myself, you follow the news and watch the elections but aren’t involved in any other way. And if you still don’t know where I’m going after all of this. Then your just lost but what I’m getting at. Is you might have a hard time telling the differences between a Liberal such as myself and a Progressive. Like Sen. Bernie Sanders or telling the differences between a Liberal like Jack Kennedy or a Conservative like Ron Reagan.

But these three Political Factions are all different from each other and these differences are all important. Which is what I’m going to focus on. Liberals and Conservatives are fairly simple as difficult as that might sound. From what we hear from the “Mainstream Media”. That tends to compare people like Rep. Dennis Kucinich and call him the Liberal. When he’s actually a Progressive and then call someone like Rick Santorum a Conservative. When he’s actually a Neoconservative, which is another Political Faction. And a subject for another blog.

But if you want to know who are the Liberals and Conservatives today. Think of people like Dick Durbin, my favorite Member of Congress. The Deputy Leader of the Senate, Sen. John Kerry, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Ron Wyden and others. These are actually Liberals, the Progressive Caucus in Congress and out of Congress. Are well Progressives and call themselves that. They don’t call themselves Liberals. The Conservatives today, well would actually be people like Mitt Romney. A Northeastern get Big Government out of my wallet and berdoom Republican. Or Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Mike Lee, Sen. Olympia Snowe. Who’s leaving Congress, exactly what Republicans looked like twenty years ago.

How are these three Political Factions different, just in case your wondering. And if you’ve read this much of this blog so far, I’m going to assume you are. Liberals actually have more in common with Conservatives then Progressives. And I’ll explain why, both believe in the US Constitution and aren’t looking to rewrite it or even change it. Both believe in the Bill of Rights, both believe in Individual Liberty and Responsibility. And both are anti Big Government. Both believe in American Capitalism, Liberal Democracy, Rule of Law and strong defense. Where we differ is when it comes to using government to help people who are down. And how to help these people get back up and differ a little on Foreign Policy and the Free Market.

Progressives believe in Big Government, Democratic Socialism. Using the Federal Government through high taxes to take care of its people. So they don’t have to do those things through the Private Sector. Things like Healthcare, Health Insurance, Education etc. Things they don’t trust the Private Sector to do, essentially Progressives are pro government. Pro Welfare State and tend to be isolationist and pacifist when it comes to Foreign Policy. And would like to see a softer approach when it comes to Law Enforcement and National Security. And would like to see America look like Europe with less Individualism and Individual Liberty and believe in Collectivism. They are against things like 2nd Amendment and don’t believe Hate Speech is Free Speech.

Liberals and Progressives are similar in the goals they have and what they would like to accomplish. But are very different in how to accomplish those goals. Liberals believe in what Bill Clinton said, giving people the tools to solve their own problems. Where Progressives want government to take care of people who can’t take care of themselves. Its a difference between Individualism and Collectivism. These groups have similarities but are different enough. If you look at them closely.

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4 Responses to FRSFreeStates: “How the Right-Wing Brain Works and What That Means for Progressives”: The Differences between Conservatives, Liberals and Progressives

  1. ckollars9 says:

    You had me until your last paragraph. It’s common to give people the tools to solve their own problems _AND_ to recognize that a few will still be unable to take care of themselves and will then need direct support. Is that “liberal” or “progressive”?

    • frsfreestates says:

      I think its just plain common sense with things like Disability Insurance. To help people out who can’t be Self Sufficient. Because of some physical or mental disability they have. My point is about people who are physically and mentally able. But just lack the skills to take care of themselves.

      • ckollars9 says:

        Sorry, I still don’t understand clearly. Is helping out people who can’t be self-sufficient and giving tools to help themselves to the rest “liberal” or “progressive” (or are _both_ excluded from showing “common sense”)?

      • frsfreestates says:

        How do you help out someone who can’t be Self Sufficient, become Self Sufficient. Someone who’s paralyzed or Mentally Retarded. Something like that, those people would end up on Disability Insurance. Thats what its for, again the only label I give this is common sense. Its Liberal to help people who are mentally and physically able. But lack the education and skills to be Self Sufficient. Didn’t finish High School, that sorta thing. To become Self Sufficient and be able to take care of themselves.

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