FRSFreeStates: “TANF Weakening as a Safety Net For Poor Families”: Investing in Low Skilled People to make them Self Sufficient


Welfare to Work

TANF Weakening as a Safety Net For Poor Families — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

I’ve been debating with a friend of mine on Facebook. Who’s name I’m not going to release. The last two days about the War on Poverty, Welfare to Work and even abortion. We are both Pro Choice but I’m Pro Choice. And thats as far as I go, I don’t believe Tax Payers should be forced to subsidize. Other peoples abortions, my friend admittedly does. The reason why abortion gets into a debate about poverty. And I’m not going to make this blog about abortion. Which is a different blog but the reason why it got into this debate. Is because we were talking about what’s a better investment of Tax Revenue. Investing in people who are on Public Assistance, to be able to get themselves off of Public Assistance. Through Job Training, Community College, Childcare, Job Placement. Or having Tax Payer Funded abortions. So newborn babies don’t have to grow up in poverty.

If you follow this blog on a regular basis, you know that I believe in Welfare to Work. Also known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. And I highlight Temporary Assistance, because it empower Low Skilled people who are on Public Assistance. To get themselves off of Public Assistance through the investments I mentioned earlier. And turn these people into Tax Payers, instead of Tax Takers. I don’t say that to be mean, just to state a fact. And it also gets Uncle Sam out of the way, so States can come up with ways. To help the people that they are responsible for, people they know better then Uncle Sam. If anything we should be expanding TANF, to include that model for Unemployment Insurance. And the rest of our Public Assistance programs.

Cutting these programs that actually empower people to get themselves off of Public Assistance. And doesn’t allow them to stay on Public Assistance indefinitely. And actually prepares them to go back or enter the workforce. Is exactly what we should be doing as a country. Cutting them might save a few bucks in the short run. But you pay a bigger price in the long term, because you leave these people with nowhere else to go. And end up desperate and become a bigger drain on society then they already are.

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