FRSFreeStates: “Rise Of Faith Within GOP Has Created America’s First Religious Party”: GOP Now Stands for something else

I wish Dwight Eisenhower, Bill Buckley, Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan were all alive to see what has happened to the “Republican Party”. By the way all these men would be considered Liberals by Religious and Neoconservatives today. Thats how far to the right the GOP has moved. And I say it that way, because the farther to the right the GOP, that “Gods Own Party”. As Howard Fineman accurately puts it, because thats what they are becoming. A Theocratic Party, no longer a Republican Party thats based on the US Constitution. Except for Freedom of Religion for Christians, protesting against things they are against and the 2nd Amendment. And the 10th and 11th Amendments as long as States are doing what they approve of.

The GOP is no longer a Conservative Party politically. Meaning they believe in conserving Individual Liberty and are based on the US Constitution. Which is how President Reagan left the party in 1989 and to a certain extent. George HW Bush in 1993 but they are now a Religious Conservative Party. And if you don’t follow American Politics closely but you vote. You need to try to understand the difference. Political Conservatism is about conserving Individual Liberty. Not subtracting it, which is what Religious and Neoconservatives want to do. To protect how they would define National Morality and Security.

This is no longer your fathers or grandfathers GOP, meaning Grande Ole Party. But they are now as Howard Fineman put it, “Gods Own Party. Big difference.
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