Huffington Post: Opinion- U.S. Senator Mark Warner- A Billion+ Change: Supporting Non-Profits Though Skills-Based Pro-Bono Service

Source: Huffington Post: Opinion- U.S. Senator Mark Warner- A Billion+ Change

Supporting Non-Profits Through Skills-Based Pro-Bono Services
Sen. Mark Warner is dead on of the importance of the Non Profit Community Sector. In how it contributes to our Community Services in America. The fact is we are a Constitutional Republic in the form of a Liberal Democracy. We have Limited Government as some on both sides of the Political Spectrum hate. Government including the Federal Government simply can’t provide all of these Public Services. Without Food Banks, Homeless Shelters, Employment Agency’s, services that provide aid to the needy. Charities, America would be a hell of a lot worst off today then it is. The Federal Government can’t do everything on its own and we need as a country.

The Community Service Sector which is private to perform some of the Public Services. Otherwise we would have a lot more hungry, homeless and unemployed people. As well as Drug Addicts. What I would do to empower the Community Service Sector even further. Is to transfer all of our Safety Net programs from the Federal Government. The entire Safety Net down to the States, for them to set up their own Social Welfare Systems. And then pass those programs over to the Private Sector. And convert them into Semi Private Non Profit Self Financed Community Services. Designed to help as well as empower the people eligible for them.

By giving them Temporary Assistance to help them survive. But long-term help them get themselves back on their feet. By helping them get to work or get a better job so they can be Self Sufficient. And end up ripping up a lot of Red Tape in the process. So especially as we are facing these tough Economic Times. Where budgets at all levels are tight, we need to look to ways to empower these Community Services. To pick up some of the slack that governments don’t have the resources to provide right now.

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