What Republicans should do on Medicare

Here’s my Political Advice to the House GOP on Medicare. Stop pushing the plan that you passed in the House in April, take it off the table. And throw it into a Trash Can like the piece of garbage that it is. And then go back to the Drawing Board, bring in a broader group of people. Not just the Tea Party and figure how to reform Medicare in a way that insures its solvency for at least fifty years or so. The GOP Medicare Plan is another example of what bad legislatio­n looks like when you just talk amongst yourselves and don’t include the people that your plan would effect. Meaning Senior Citizens and people who will be Senior Citizens in the future. As well as the Democratic Senate that would have to approve any Medicare Reform plan along with the House. In order for Congress to pass any Medicare Reform plan. Not to mention the White House where the President would have to sign off on any plan. The House GOP Medicare plan represents what the House GOP wants to do and is designed for the Campaign Trail to appeal to the Republican Base in the 2012 Elections. And not designed to pass in the 112th Congress.

If the House GOP was serious about passing a Medicare Reform plan that would become law in the 112th Congress. Then they would scrap what they want to pass and work with Congressio­nal Democrats and the White House to make happen.
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