The Issues with the Patriot Act

Dem Senator: Allow Patriot Act to expire – The Hill’s Floor Action.

When America was attacked on 9/11 in particular New York City, Pennsylvania and Washington. It was clear that we didn’t have a strategy to fight these terrorists and that we needed to get one. In order to fight these terrorists to prevent an attack like that from happening again. And for the most part we’ve done a pretty job as a country of doing that. I supported the War in Afghanistan when we went in and I do now. Because they were harboring our terrorists. But I would like  to see us get out of there soon and might be able to do that this year. Which will probably be determined by the Spring Offensive there. If that goes well, we’ll be able to bring troops home from there this year and perhaps even get out. I support parts of the Patriot Act, like forcing our Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agency’s to work together. I think it goes without saying that they should have to do that. As well as the creation of the Homeland Security Department, by combining a lot of the Federal Law Enforcement Agency’s into one new department to deal with terrorism. Essentially our version of a Federal Police Department like Canada and Mexico and France have. But what I don’t like about the Patriot Act, would be reason for me to vote against Cloture on it in the Senate. Which is a Senate term to end debate to put it simply. As well as voting against the bill itself.

America is suppose to be the “Land of the Free”, a Liberal Democracy where the people are free to live their lives. Where Civil Liberties as well as Economic Liberties are well respected. Well because of the Patriot Act, I believe we are safer but at a cost that I’m not willing to pay. Because it makes us less free and I believe a lot of other americans agree with this as well. The idea that the Federal Government can read innocent peoples email and books. And check in on their reading habits, frankly scares the hell out of me. I believe that doesn’t make us safer and feeds into the Islamic Terrorists of what America is and why we need to be defeated. Before the Patriot Act in renewed, Congress should eliminate these provisions of the Patriot Act so this law can live up to its name.

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