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How America can be Compassionate and Fiscally Responsible on Disaster Relief

Cantor claims Republicans are serious about jobs and the economy. America has a huge whole that one way or another and hopefully by choice. We’ll dig our way out of it before its forced on us but thats not a … Continue reading

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Suggestions for House Leader Cantor on how to pay for Disaster Relief

If its really the deficit and debt that House Leader Eric Cantor is worried about when it comes to Disaster Relief and how to pay finance it. I have some suggestion­s for him not that I expect he’s listening. Eliminate … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage is a Civil Rights Issue

If your someone who truly believes in Limited Government and are anti Big Government­. Then you don’t have a problem with Marriage Equality or Gay Marriage. If your someone who believes in States Rights and limiting the Role of the … Continue reading

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Time for the President to get Congressional Approval for the No Fly Zone in Libya

I supported the No Fly Zone in Libya because they have an Evil Dictaor in Moammar Kadaffi who was slaughteri­ng his own innocent population­. And I believe America and the rest of the Developed Free World, especially thats within short … Continue reading

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You can’t Balance the Budget through Starvation

Proposed WIC Cuts Would End Food Assistance for 325,000 to 475,000 Low-Income Women and Children — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. When it comes to things like Food Stamps which has a different name now and WIC. Which is … Continue reading

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The Issues with the Patriot Act

Dem Senator: Allow Patriot Act to expire – The Hill’s Floor Action. When America was attacked on 9/11 in particular New York City, Pennsylvania and Washington. It was clear that we didn’t have a strategy to fight these terrorists and … Continue reading

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What an American Theocracy would look like

10 Great Things About America That Drive Conservatives and the Religious Right Insane | | AlterNet. As a liberal as I believe most liberals do, I love the US Constitution. Thats what American Liberalism is based on, the US Constitution … Continue reading

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